There are a lot of meaning attached to the word wen designing and web development and there are high changes that you will never hear two people make use of the same exact meaning at any given time. In most fundamental terms, the meaning of graphic designing is design the user experience of the website so that the website caters exactly to the users needs.

This is different from web development and even SEO. You will a lot of these terms spoken frequently and in conjunction with each other. Well, in reality they hold very different, albeit lying under the same umbrella. Web development involves taking care of the back end and front end technicalities of the website; whereas, SEO is an entirely different field. In the simplest of meaning SEO are the engineers of the website, whereas the web developers and designers are the architects. Both have different jobs. SEO are responsible for the website showing on the front page of google and also driving traffic. What is the point of designing a beautiful website that is very user friendly and end up finding out that no one really visits. Well that is where the SEO come in.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is not a bad career to get into. It requires a lot of expertise. It will test you with frustrating times; however, once successful you are in for some real money. One of the greatest thing regarding SEO is that it drives the search engines to provide you with real and organic traffic that is 100% free. Whereas, SEO has a sister field called SEM – search engine marketing. This involves paying for advertisement to drive traffic. SEM is no the kind of strategy that one would want to go for if he/she if planning on going into affiliate marketing.

So those are the basic department that are involved with website. However, this website is primarily focused on web designing and web development. It is the aim of this website to shed as much knowledge as possible regarding the intricacies of web designing . Starting a career in web designing is not easy. If you think learning how to web design is easy, just wait till you out into the real world to find career opportunities.

The good news is that with platforms like Fiverr.com and ODesk, finding career opportunities have become so much more simpler. However, there is a caveat. In order to be successful in such platforms, you need to have a strong strategy and a stronger portfolio. I would not recommend you go in head first without first testing the market. You may even need to provide free or discounted services before actually going full throttle.