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SEO Practices you should stop immediately

7th June 2013
Google Penguin 2.0 update was released last month and made a huge impact on ranking and search industry. If you are still wondering why did you get hit, that’s may be because of the outdated SEO strategies you are using. Outdated you say? Yes, trends in search industry evolve constantly with the release of new algorithm updates. O …read more

What is a Whats new section - Should you add it on your website

What’s new is a section that displays the current update of a blog or a website. It helps a user to know what new services or products have been added on the website. Although if your website content doesn’t update regularly, you should still consider adding a ‘What’s new section’ on your website …read more

Why should you follow the W3C Standards?

In today’s advanced world of internet, you cannot simply rely on an attractive web design. You need to have a perfect web design as well. You can have a perfect web design only if you follow the standards of web design. W3C standards contain special sets of rules through which the web document is validated. …read more

3 Best Ways To Make Your Business Web Design Memorable

A website can only appear memorable if visitors are impressed from the overall content and design. For a business website it is extremely important that the visitors are fully satisfied. Below are the 3 best ways through which you can make your business web design memorable …read more

How to plan a business web design

Launching a new business website can be a difficult and a time-consuming thing. You need to plan effectively in order to implement the best tactics for having a successful business web design. Follow the below step by step guidelines to plan for your new business web design in Qatar …read more

When and How to rebrand a company’s logo

Rebranding a company logo is one of the most difficult tasks because it can either result in causing positive impact on users or will mess things up. Remember the Gap episode that took place two years ago. For those who are unaware, GAP changed its logo from navy blue and white in 2010 as it was unable to sell new line of clothes. …read more

What makes a brand reliable?

Brand is the identity of a specific product or services that creates relationships with consumers. But whether the brand yields positive outcomes or negative, it depends truly on its quality and the experience of users. Gaining the trust of consumers is extremely important because it makes them rely on your products. …read more

What are good SEO practices

Search Engine Optimization improves the visibility and ranking of a web page in eyes of search engine. In order to get the desired traffic results, SEO Director has to define a set of rules and its proper implementation can generate positive outcomes. So what are good SEO practices that give positive responses …read more

Mistakes to avoid while creating a logo

Logos are the image and identity of a brand so clients are very particular about them. Every new lad in the web designing industry has to face some problems while designing logos. We have listed some common mistakes that should be avoided to get the desired outcomes. Here we go. Neglect Briefing Designing a logo without briefing is the key to failure. Briefing strengthens client and designer relationship and gives … …read more

What makes a powerful SEO Team

So if you have gone through a website and you have liked it, it means you have appreciated the efforts of whole team that is sitting behind a website and operating it. SEO services are offered both by individuals and team. Teamwork gives better and faster SEO results than an individual …read more